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Our Vision and Strategic Goals

Amikas’ vision is for every woman and child in San Diego to have a safe place to live.
The Mission of our organization is to work to prevent women and children, especially veteran women, from being homeless. We will create and provide housing options for homeless women and children; and we will advocate to influence society’s perception and public policies regarding homelessness.

Amikas was founded in 2009 by a small group of socially minded advocates seeking to protect women, children, and female veterans. The founders and continuing members believe this is San Diego’s most vulnerable population.

Our strategic goals

1.  Grow our community

Develop working volunteer committees and membership to accomplish Amikas’ mission.

2.  Partner with other orgs

Partner with other non-profits to accomplish Amikas’ mission.

3.  Build sleep cabins

Create a pilot community of emergency sleeping cabins for women and children, with a focus on female veterans.

Amikas meets our first two strategic goals with little or no funding. We have supportive and working connections with our membership and other non-profits. In the past five years, with our members and partners, we built demonstration cabins. We work with other non-profit organizations including Alpha Project, the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego at St. Luke’s in North Park, the City Heights Community Development Corporation at the Fair@44 community space, and Meridian Baptist Church in El Cajon.


Volunteers are vital!

Volunteers are how Amikas provides vital accommodations and services to our homeless community. Help us help somebody else, volunteer today.


Safety and comfort

The ultimate goal of our organization is to provide a safe and comfortable environment that empowers homeless women veterens and their children. Those accommodations start with the generous contributions of our supporters.

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We can all do better by our unsheltered neighbors. In fact, we must. Help us help someone in need. Donate or volunteer today!

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